Skeletal Quartz

Skeletal Quartz from Brandenberg, Namibia

Skeletal Quartz, also known as Fenster Quartz are very strange and interesting crystals indeed. Many have mud, gas, water and air inclusions. Some of the water “chambers” also have air bubbles, some which move as the cystal is tilted at an angle.

Crystals with water inclusions are called enhydros and will be covered in another post. Water is very interesting from a spiritual point of view as it correlates in astrology with the spiritual basis for life through the water trinity, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. These signs correlate amongst other things, which can be detailed in a post dedicated to enhydro’s, to the emotional body.

Skeletal quartz is a type of quartz that grows from the edges creating a structure and then filling in the faces. The result are generally well defined edges but, pockets with irregular, elestial growth patterns and etchings characterize the sides and faces of the crystals which many times seem like they are not totally formed. 

From a metaphysical point of view these crystals seem to assist with stripping away any false notions of the self in order to go inwards and re-align with our core, structural essence. This is a process which happens on various levels of our being, both in the realm of our waking life and also at a deep Soul level in which whatever is not in accordance with our true nature and reason for incarnating is going to be released. This of course can include the self image we have, which can also be stripped away for those that truly seek to awaken and align with their multidimensional identity, instead of identifying solely with their current life ego.

The skeletal is a crystal for those that want to go deep within and know themselves as pure, conscious energetic light beings. It’s a crystal of transformation and metamorphosis which can be deep and sometimes difficult processes. These crystals seem to be supportive in that process as we align with our core blueprint.

The word skeletal indicates the core structure and foundation which we then are built upon. Relative to astrology these crystals seem to correlate with Capricorn because of the inherent structure of how we are put together and then what that structure can achieve in the material world. Capricorn correlates with physical reality. Skeletal’s also connect to Scorpio because of the connection to the Soul. Fenster means window in German and a window can allow us to look inwards or outwards. Maybe a window to the Soul and to what it can do in the outer world. 

On another note some people have noticed that certain skeletal crystals resemble spaceships and many actually do. To me they represent more of a lightship in the sense that they remind us of the multidimensional aspects our core selves and how we are never an inch away from that core unless through our own forgetting of our true natures. Maybe the lightship aspect relates to our consciousness as it “travels” through various stages, experiences and levels of awareness. Maybe the skeletal or light ship resonates with those who are star steeds from other physical or energetic places, or simply with those who would like to strip away all false notions and conditioning to find their true natures as the conscious, energetic multidimensional beings we all are!

The skeletal is beautiful for so many reasons, like the etchings which can seem like alien languages, landscapes, images or anything we can personally see, to the way the elestial faces reflect light and can be so well defined yet, the contrast with irregular faces, mud inclusions and etchings makes these crystals so raw and earthy, yet spacey and mystical!

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