Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana Quartz from the Himalayan Mountains

Nirvana Quartz are also known as growth interference quartz. 

The Nirvana’s are from the Himalayan mountains. 

Growth interference crystals have irregular shapes due to other minerals which intergrew with the quartz crystals and then over time eroded away leaving the original crystal with interfered growth patterns. The result are crystals with fascinating faces which reflect a lot of light when they are clear. Quartz is a crystal of light and these ones are no exception, just look at them and see if they don’t resemble frozen light. Some look like milky snow or ice depending on their clarity. 

These crystals seem so pure. 

The other word which comes to mind is “elevated”.  

The high vibration of these crystals  is capable of elevating our frequencies and emotions, realigning them in subtle ways to their original state of purity, innocence and joy. 

These crystals carry the frequency of bliss, our true inner quality which has been masked by the false and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. These crystals are much less grounded than the Skeletals but share the abil;ity to strip away what is not ours so we can realign with our core essence. 

The Nirvana  crystal connects us to inner purity and bliss through our child like natures which is inherently joyful and playful. 

These crystals can really lighten us up in so many ways!

A perfect companion for those on the path of enlightenment.

Chakras: Crown, All

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