Astrology and crystals combined

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An astrology reading starts with an honest discussion in which we try to gain a more objective understanding of ourselves, our relationships, our challenges, spiritual path and life purpose. The intention is to align with our highest creative potential so we can be a constructive part of the whole.

I have been developing my own way of combining astrology and crystals to help re-balance the chakras of people I work with, in order to help with specific goals when possible. I use certain crystals depending on what we uncover and find necessary, by having an honest conversation using with the natal chart and current ongoing transits as a map to guide us.

For example, if a person is in a difficult personal relationship situation because of lack of communication; it can be a personal issue with expressing our voice and thus our needs will not be truly met. It could be a good idea to do some energy work to help with regaining our voice, the courage to speak our truth and ultimately re-conquer the right to satisfy our hearts desires. 

It’s possible to assist these types of processes and many others with  energy work and the objective awareness that Astrology has to offer. Personal evolution can occur if we are honest about the intent to grow and face our limitations. Changes do happen so it’s a good idea to be sure of what we want. 

The energy work is done at a distance and usually only takes around two to five minutes. All that is necessary is for the person to be in a relaxed and receptive state. 

This is an example of some of the stones and crystals I work with.

If you feel called to do a session please Email your Name, Birth Date, City, and Exact Time or as close as possible to it. A photo of your face with eyes visible and a small text about yourself, what you would like to see in your chart and understand or work on in your life. 

We can speak vocally with Messenger or Wire or in a written Email.

Communication with me is confidential and without judgements but do not tell me about illegal or criminal activity. 

At the moment I’m working by donation which means you can donate any amount you wish.

Email to setup an Astro crystal sesson and donate:

mettarocks @ titled Reading Request

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  1. My session with Patrick was very insightful and extremely helpful.
    It provided a much-needed clarity over subjects, in my life, that I needed more comprehension of.
    This new-found clarity helped and allowed me to find better tools to deal with my own personal growth.
    Thank you Patrick for your guidance!


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