My Name is Patrick Chehab, I run Metta Rocks and it runs on Passion and Purpose! My desire is to help others liberate from false beliefs and conditioning in order to reach their creative, evolutionary potential.

This website will be tweaked and updated with content to share information which can help us all become just that little bit more aware and creative in our lives.

The asteroid list and crystal information/photography will be updated frequently. People are encouraged to share their own experiences with asteroids and crystals in the comment sections.

All content is original unless stated otherwise.

In the Featured Articles section there will be a range of topics covered by various authors.

Jana Dixon will share her expertise in the area of Kundalini and Biology, Environmentalism and how to adapt and make the most of the current and future challenges in order to thrive in a world that is facing a global paradigm shift.

Jana is author of the books: Biology of Kundalini, Inner Arts Practicum, Thrival in the Chemtrail Holocaust. biologyofkundalini.com, jana-sovereignstate.blogspot.com, biologyofkundalini.academia.edu/JanaDixon

Contact: jananz@hotmail.com

Nathalie Monnieri will be sharing knowledge about Shamanism from the practical and experiential perspective. She is a no nonsense, direct, shamanic practitioner, astrologer, and a born seer with a huge heart and no matter where you are in the world, she will look straight into your Soul, including your past lives and astrological chart, if necessary, to help you find your way.

Contact Nathalie for more information on how to work with her. nathaliemonnieri @ tutanota.de

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