The Importance of Grounding

Generally when beginning to use crystals in meditation and body layouts for energy work we tend to underestimate the importance of being grounded. 

Being grounded means that we are securely rooted in our physical bodies and the Earth. 

There was a time when I was meditating everyday for long periods of time, often using various  crystals on my body. Although I would feel good because I would access various positive inner states, when returning to the real world and dealing with people in general, I would feel very sensitive and be easily irritated. The feeling was one of being wide open and highly vulnerable to almost everything. People were unbearable most of the time after meditating, seemingly loud sounds or the t.v. could trigger me and it didn’t make much sense. 

When doing crystal layouts on myself I didn’t focus too much on grounding although I often used a black stone,  Black Tourmaline around the Root Chakra, it simply wasn’t enough. 

I’m not talking about grounding for protection from entities or anything of that sort. I’m talking about feeling grounded and comfortable in our bodies as we exist on this planet we call home. 

I can’t explain the whole scientific reasons for being grounded or ungrounded although it’s obviously an electrical aspect of ourselves. I can only share my experiences and conclusions.

Once I experimented with many black crystals such as Black Tourmaline and Obsidian all the way from the bottom of my feet, my ankles, calves, knees and then at the base of the spine where the Root Chakra is located. I then placed several other crystals all over my body and head for a full body layout. I can’t recall the exact stones at this time though I do remember what I felt and learnt from the experience. 

 It felt as if though I was physically restrained, as if though there was something holding me down but in a good way! What comes to mind is a kite or a balloon. If a balloon isn’t well attached to something it simply floats away but if it’s attached to the ground, effectively being grounded, then it can be free to float around without getting lost. This is a very similar analogy to what we experience when meditating, using crystals or doing energy work such as Reiki. We effectively become lighter within ourselves and elevate or raise our frequency but without being grounded we can actually “get lost” and lose touch with the more practical aspects of life. 

By placing those black stones around my feet and legs all the way up to my root I was tying myself down energetically which would then allow me to access these lighter, less dense states and still feel connected to my body and comfortable with my surroundings. The surprising part was actually feeling myself tied up and secure by an invisible energy but totally tangible at the same time. 

Needless to say that I didn’t feel highly sensitive and uncapable of being out in the open without bfeeling overwhelmed by little things after that experience. then I learnt the importance of grounding and how to apply it through the use of crystals. 

There are other ways to ground in our daily lives or in meditation but for now the focus is mostly on the use of crystals. I can say that if one wants to meditate and be grounded then it’s probably better to do so in a sitting position so the Root Chakra is directly connected to the ground. On a day to day basis doing physical excercise or activities, being in water, walking barefoot, being in nature around plants and animals, doing sports or physical activities, sleeping and eating well can all contribute to being grounded or connected and therefore secure within our bodies. 

Grounding should be one of the first things we learn if meditating or doing body layouts with crystals or energy work, including Reiki. 

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