Combining Crystals and Evolutionary Astrology

When working with people, their evolutionary lessons and personal issues I found that along with a deep, honest conversation in which the person is determined to uncover whatever blocks limit their growth, it;s also beneficial to assist energetically with crystals.

Crystals have their own frequency or vibration which can correlate with a specific archetype or certain dynamics within one.
For example, Obsidian is known to be ruthless in uncovering and showing us our shadow side therefore is connected to Scorpio.

A way I like to help people is by getting them to understand their issues and dynamics so they can be aware of how to evolve beyond them. This of course requires self honesty and a mature approach in which the person takes responsibility for their circumstances. Remembering nothing really happens to us but for us to be an active part of the ongoing manifest creation and evolve as multidimensional beings.

Crystals, rocks, metals, wood etc can be combined in practically unlimited ways, not only with other crystals. For example, lavender is well known for its soothing and comforting qualities or Sage for the ability to ward off evil or negative energy and entities.

Using the Pluto in Scorpio generation as a general example, many may have issues with power struggle dynamics in relationships with others from past lives which leads to difficulty in trusting others. Part of this is because they are looking outside of themselves to gain power by merging with others which symbolize that which they desire or need. If they use others in order to satisfy their desires they are actually creating karma for themselves as they may use another and then leave once their need is satisfied.

The natural polarity to Scorpio is Taurus and in Evolutionary Astrology we use the Pluto Polarity Point as it symbolizes the evolutionary intentions for the current life along with the North Node of the Moon and its planetary ruler.
Taurus is connected to our inherent ability to survive and develop the necessary resources for sustenance and comfort from within ourselves. Scorpio connects to shared resources. Taurus is our relationship to ourself, our self worth and sexual self sufficiency. Scorpio is where we share our sexuality and merge with another, where we go beyond our personal limitations and evolve through the intimate experience of connecting deeply.

The Pluto in Scorpio generation needs to develop the Taurus polarity of total self reliance and inner strength vs relying on others and potentially creating the karma of using and even abusing others. So crystals and rocks or anything that can help bring in these type of Taurus energies or qualities into the life of the Pluto in Scorpio person can actually help with their intended evolutionary path.

For someone needing to develop the inner relationship to themselves one of the first crystals I will go for is the very well known Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is connected naturally to Taurus and is a very calming stone even if one just looks at it. Actually it´s a great crystal for any form of counselling due to it’s gentle, calming vibration and ability to connect with the emotional body. On a psychological level it will bring up emotional dynamics in need of healing as that is a way for the person to improve their inner relationship to themselves by becoming aware of any grief or anxiety and releasing it, sometimes through shedding tears. In the case of intense grief an Apache Tear Obsidian can be combined with a Rose Quartz because the Apache Tears are like vacuum cleaners of negative energy. They will help absorb emotional pain while the Rose Quartz brings in self love. Apache Tears and Obsidians in general correlate with Scorpio.

The way we feel inside is so deeply connected to our inner relationship and sense of self worth. By using a Rose Quartz or similar crystal one can learn to be more patient and gentle with ourselves and then of course with others too. One can learn to develop qualities of calm and patience and of course Rose Quartz is representative, and shares with us the frequency of love in a pure emotional state.

We can see how for a strong Scorpio, Pluto or Eighth House signature this can be very beneficial as Scorpio just wants to destroy whatever it doesn´t like and easily creates crisis out of thin air. A calm, patient and composed Scorpio is a much more efficient one.

It will also help us look inwards for solutions instead of depending on others for solutions or a sense of security. It can help us curb our highly impulsive, confrontational nature (if you are a Scorpio dominant) which will in turn empower us further and allow for a sense of well being without the need for anything external.

This is just a small example of how a crystal can be used consciously to assist in balancing our energy as represented by our natal charts. This same principle can be used for transits and progressions or for synastry or composite charts between people. It’s a matter of knowing the meanings of the crystals and understanding the person and their reality with the chart as a road map.

I would like to add that another highly important factor is to learn to listen to our inner guidance on what stone or crystal to use and how to use it in any given situation. The more open we are to our intuition the more likely we are to find creative ways of working energetically with crystals and archetypes.

On a last note I’d like to stress that rocks and crystals are part of nature and should be acquired in sustainable ways from decent ethical sellers and miners. Currently there is a crystal craze and many people just see them as another resource to be exploited.

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