Ajoite in Quartz

Quartz with Ajoite Phantom from Messina S. Africa

Ajoite in Quartz is a very special and rare crystal with mineral inclusions. Ajoite is a copper based mineral which is how it gets its beautiful colour. It was fist discovered in Ajo, Arizona and later on in Messina, South Africa. Both Locations are not offering new material so whatever is in circulation is becoming very expensive as Ajoite in Quartz is highly sought after by mineral collectors and crystal healers. 

Ajoite in quartz is one of the sweetest, most pleasant, joyful, supportive crystal there is. Its power lies in its ability to open our hearts and give us a much needed break, even in the most dire of circumstances. It’s an emotional soother and uplifter which can help us achieve an inner state of well being in difficult times. The beautiful blues of these crystals generally has an immediate effect on those that see them or hold them for the first time. It’s interesting to see how people react as they are introduced to a nice specimen of Ajoite included quartz.

Using one of these crystals is like going on a holiday! In fact they might appear at a time when a break is needed so we can re-connect to our inner selves and find a state of inner peace and balance, focused on the heart being in balance with the mind. Once this state is crystallized we can more easily move into a state of joy and happiness or bliss even as that is exactly the frequency this crystal will support us to develop within ourselves. Some also call it the goddess crystal because of how supportive, sweet and blissful Ajoite in Quartz is.

Excellent to use in times of healing or when we need emotional support. It can be used to raise the frequency of a person who is having relationship troubles and needs to calm down, relieve stress and  be reminded of the inherent sweetness of the relationship and love for the other person.

Excellent for the heart, throat and third eye chakras

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