Energy tools

Crystals and stones can be used for energy work similar to Reiki or as a complement to such modalities. If we study them and their qualities or attributes we can learn how to use them as energy tools. With the multitude of crystals out there and their various potential combinations we are basically unlimited in tools to use. 

 It’s known that we can become ungrounded after a Reiki session so it’s good practice to use a grounding stone or two during and after the session. Also a grounding stone will help with the release of any negative energy that has been absorbed. 

Certain crystals are known to amplify the flow of energy and bring in more light such as clear quartz or selenite crystals. If you want to amplify the energy of any other crystal while doing a crystal layout on someone, then using a small double terminated quartz crystal will amplify the flow between the two crystals and the chakras involved. For example one could put a rose quartz at the heart chakra and a turquiose at the throat chakra with a double terminated quartz to connect the heart with the expression of our voice. 

One can also use crystals in laser or wand formation to clear out negative energy throughout the system or to channel energy into it. Some people follow the meridians or nadis using a wand or something that works for them.

It’s a creative and intuitive process which is inwardly guided and unique for each person.

There are many tools to appreciate and use as nature is willing to share her secrets with those who are open to her magic. 

By connecting with these parts of nature we learn a little more about ourselves too.

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