Rainbow Quartz

Beautiful Rainbow Quartz from Portugal

Most people love crystals with inner rainbows! Crystals that have small inner fractures reflect light, leading to this phenomenon. It’s amazing how something which formed under the ground and in the dark can have inner light and the colours of the rainbow, which are the same as the seven main chakras or energy centres. Generally if you try giving a rainbow crystal to someone and observe their face you will see a smile or some form of amazement. Why are we naturally attracted to these crystals and what can they do for us? For one we are similar to these crystals metaphorically in the sense that we have our inner light that is in part reflected through the chakras just like they they do. We are subliminally reminded that we are energetic beings. We are also reminded that through the difficulties of life we can mature emotionally and even gain beautiful qualities. These difficulties are represented by the fractures the crystal naturally experienced as it grew, just like we do.

These crystals are good in times of depression or after heavy emotional experiences as they literally brighten up the mood. They also remind us to take things easy, look at the bright side, to have a sense of humor and teach us the lesson “no pain no gain” but in a light way. They can also remind us of the multidimensional aspects of reality and ourselves because we too are a conscious light body/Soul within a physical structure.

Children really love rainbow crystals because they inspire awe and remind us how magical life really is.

Chakras: All

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