African Dream Quartz

Dream Quartz from Africa

These quartz crystals from Africa are truly original and interesting.

For some they are not spectacular to look at but are full of personality and punch. They were described as probably being quartz crystals with either actinolite or prase inclusions but, the inclusions which give the green colour have not been officially identified. I felt guided to call these crystals African Dream Quartz and as soon as I used one to dream with I understood why! These crystals intensify dreams to the point of being too much to sleep with them close by for some people. I experimented with various people to see if they had any altered dreams they could recall simply by placing one under a pillow and, the results were exactly as expected… even people who claimed they had not dreamt in years began dreaming after just a night or two!

African Dream Quartz can also promote lucid dreaming and is for people that like to explore within the dream state. Just like dreams though, these crystals can be very funky!

On another level they seem to connect to the plant and animal kingdoms, some even look like plants or animals. They are shamanic yet joyful and fun quartz crystals.

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  1. Can testify to that! I usually dream and recall my dreams but the dreams with these quartz are so much more vivid, much like lucid dreaming!
    I actually had to put mine away, even being next to my bed was intensifying my dreams too much!


  2. I tried to meditate with dream quartz, before meditation, I set intentions: let me feel your vibration, help me to get to know the truth of you then teach me to know the truth of myself, what I am etc. I felt such high vibration first in my nose to third eye area, maybe like energy expanding, then I felt my heart beating so strong and loud. Later I put one on naval, I feel like energy bubbles moving up and down like a circle in my tummy, I kind feel maybe it’s loosing some pressure, or maybe it is teaching me to raise vibration. For 2 nights, I put them under pillow, both nights I dreamed all night, nothing intense, just scene after scene, feels like one scene happened then dissolved immediately, and with the dissolving, I feel emotions flowing, I had impression that these dreams are working on my self-image, boundaries in all kinds of relationships, and it’s on a very subtle level.


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