Ammonite, fossil
Iridescent Ammonite from Madagascar

Ammonite is a fossil which metaphysical properties correlate with the evolution of the Soul. It can help facilitate remembering past life memories and the journey of the Soul through its various incarnations. It can be helpful in the evolutionary processes of learning about sacred sexuality and Tantra. Ammonite can assist in metaphorical deaths and rebirths as we shed our skin and evolve into the newer, improved versions of ourselves. Ammonite is widely used in Feng Shui for protection.

Connects with the Root chakra for grounding to the Earth and developing awareness of the Soul as our true identity, the Solar plexus chakra for positive action while we grow and the Third eye chakra for depth of perception which comes from becoming progressively rooted in the timelessness of our Souls as we evolve from one incarnation to another.

“The only constant in life is change”

Astrological connection to Scorpio.

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