On Power Animals

By Nathalie Monnieri

Photo credit: Unknown Author

I am not sure what modern western shamanism teachings are on that, but where I come from, we do not discuss/mention/talk/mull over, or even reveal our power/totem animals to others. I observe it all the time, people enthusiastically sharing their identities to others, sometimes total strangers, online, or casually dropping it during the conversation with me.

I see it beyond unwise, it’s extra stupid. I can assure you that the spirit world does not like that at all. Spirit helpers can and will leave when neglected/done their work/over-discussed in this reality. We believe that they are losing their powers and might when too much energy is being attracted to them in this reality.

The only exception to that, would probably be, revealing your animal to the shaman who would be working with you in the time of need, and even then, only if necessary. If, let’s say the person is in the really bad state, and we are calling on all his/her helpers to engage. And again, even then, I don’t find it needed, when I am working with the person, the lead animal will usually step out when called upon (if it pleases).

When I was a teenager, I was speculating that probably, our animal helpers are nothing more than the certain parts of our subconsciousness, ready to take charge of the certain areas/aspects of our lives when needed. I believe now, it was a highly erroneous assumption, no, they are absolutely independent organic beings, that belong to the Unseen, not here. And we don’t talk in vain about something that belongs to The Unseen, it’s plain disrespectful.

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