Isis/Goddess Quartz

Isis Quartz aka Goddess Quartz from Panasqueira Portugal

The Isis crystal is one of the most important master crystals of these times. The Isis crystal simply and directly connects us with our hearts and by extension the heart, light and Soul of the Goddess which we all come from. What does this mean to connect with the Goddess which we all originate from? It means to connect with the inherent love in our hearts which is what the Goddess actually is. The underlying energy of everything that exists is actually love and bliss! The Isis crystal is one of the many ways to directly connect with our pure heart based energy which, is nothing less than an expression of the Goddess.

Because of these qualities the Isis crystal is one of the very best crystals to help us connect with our divine feminine side, whether we are female or male. In truth we are both male and female energies, configured and expressed in our unique ways and the Isis crystal will help us to express the feminine positively, which in turn will lead to a greater sense of balance, peace and inner harmony.

The Isis crystal is deeply connected to the heart chakra and the emotional body. Because of the pure Goddess energy it represents, it’s one of the very best crystals to use if we are holding something heavy in our hearts which needs to be dissolved in the pure loving energy that the Isis represents. It’s the crystal to use for a broken heart, divorce or separation from a loved one, loss of a pet or person or simply when in need for emotional support.

By connecting with the Goddess through the Isis crystal we can develop our gentleness and sensitivity. It’s a prime nurturer on very deep and subtle levels which can teach us all about self love in a caring way and the same love for others, as deep down we are all one consciousness experiencing itself in a multitude of ways and, will one day return to the ocean of oneness which we all are part of.

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