Hematite pseudomorph after Magnetite from Argentina

Hematite is iron in mineral form, representing inner strength and the ability to manifest one’s desires on the material plane. It reminds us of the empowerment, protection and vitality necessary to achieve what we desire through assertive action.

It can be soothing when held and promotes a sense of security and strength, including mental strength. Hematite is also protective in various ways. One way can be due to the confidence it can instil which will naturally deflect potential threats.

Hematite was called bloodstone in the past and was associated with blood as it’s red inside and sometimes outside too when not polished.

Excellent for the root chakra and feeling at home in one’s body as it’s very grounding and for the solar plexus chakra for empowerment and positive action.

Astrological correlation to Aries

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