Brandenberg Quartz

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Some of the most beautiful combinations of smokey, clear and amethyst quartz. These are very high frequency crystals which are protective from negativity in general. We are invited to release negativity from within ourselves and reach the highest we can with these beauties. One way of raising our frequency through Brandenberg Quartz crystals is to forgive those who have harmed us so we can become lighter and raise our state of being to a higher frequency. Brandenbergs remind us of our innate compassion and positive desires for all living beings.

To us they represent the very quality the Buddhist practicioners call “Metta” which can translate into the intention to be loving and kind so that all beings can end their suffering, evolve and hopefully become liberated from their own ignorance and karmic patterns.

Brandenberg’s can help us remember our multidimensional essence, specially the elestials, skeletals and phantoms.

Astrologically connects with Pisces

Free offer below

Not everyone has a physical Brandberg quartz but now anyone can have one on their desktop or wall in high quality!

We are offering a free, high quality photo of this Skeletal Brandberg Crystal which can be used as a desktop image or to print in A3 size. Just click the download link for the high quality file.

Unzip file and use the tiff to print and the jpg as a desktop image. For best results print on good quality matte paper.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and insight about different crystals! Love this website!~
    Brandberg Quartz is one of my favorite, I feel have such water energy, very clean and pure (reminds me of Pisces kind of pure energy manifest in spiritual state), almost like they can help us cleanse trauma by let emotion flow (in trauma state, emotions can be frozen, stuck), cleanse karma dance within relationship by higher forgiving (others and most importantly oneself), they teach u to feel through their energy that every experiences can be transcend.

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