Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline cluster with Orthoclase from Namibia

Tourmaline is a group of crystals which come in many beautiful colours, they are highly sought after and can be very expensive when the specimens are of good quality. Some can have a multitude of colours in the same crystal but black tourmaline is one of the most known and abundant crystals used in this day and age, therefore being quite inexpensive in comparison to the more colourful varieties. It’s the most common crystal in the world for protection from negativity of all types and really does live up to its reputation. Besides being protective it’s also highly soothing and calming to the nervous system. Black tourmaline can hep remove negative thoughts and emotions such as fear from our own minds if we have it on us or in our environment. Some people like to use it against EMF radiation in a similar way to shungite. Some people use them around plants to help them grow better and in Japan they make a kind of band aid with tourmaline dust inside to put on injuries, which supposedly helps speed up the healing process.

Tourmaline is piezoelectric and pyroelectric meaning it can generate an electrical charge when pressure is applied to it or when there are temperature changes. These qualities remain even if the crystal is broken down into tiny pieces. A very interesting group of crystals!

Black Tourmaline can also be used as a grounding crystal, to help us stay rooted and feel comfortable in our bodies or even to help relax and sleep because one main form of negativity in our modern lives is stress, which black tourmaline can help reduce.

A highly recommended crystal for the root chakra, to be kept with us on a daily basis.

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