Petroleum Quartz

These are very new crystals to us and hopefully will have some information about their qualities soon. They are beautiful as their yellow, crude oil inclusions can be quite bright under normal light or a very bright fluorescent yellow under a uv light yet, the camera also picks up and shows more of a cyan blue than is really present.

They are small, double terminated crystals from Pakistan which can have methane gas, water with air bubbles also known as enhydros, crude oil and black asphaltit which is another form of petroleum. Petroleum is obviously a source of energy so we will keep that in mind while we try to understand what these crystals are all about. They are intriguing and powerful at the same time. Crude oil correlates with scorpio in astrology so petroleum quartz will also naturally correlate with scorpio.
It seems they are able to stimulate Kundalini and personal evolution which is also connected to Scorpio.

Stay tuned for more info about these little powerhouses in the near future! We look forward to learning more about them and sharing the information with others.

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