Malachite stalactites and tumbled stones from D. R. Congo

Malachite is a copper based mineral which is how it gets its beautiful color which can go from light to a rich dark green. Green is the colour of the Earth’s vegetation and of the heart chakra. Both plants and the heart chakra correspond astrologically to the sign Taurus. Malachite is excellent to clear out the heart chakra of negativity and restore its inherent depth of feeling. Some people like to use them at the solar plexus to purge negativity too. It’s also a stone of protection from evil in general and is said to protect people while they travel. Malachite can be like a friend that shows us the truth about ourselves so we can face whatever needs our attention, whether we like it or not. A very important “stone” of these times as we learn to live more in tune with the heart. Its deep green colours, beautiful orbs and patterns are refreshing and replenishing to the Heart and Soul.

Malachite is toxic, should not be used in crystal elixirs and should be cut and polished with care.

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