Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz from Brazil

Some people say these crystals have a connection to the ancient Lemurians and their lost wisdom. We have no direct experience of these statements and can neither confirm or deny them.

These crystals come from Brazil. They have a way of reflecting light which is subtle yet have a powerful presence that is beautiful and unique. For us they are full of light and can facilitate our connection to Source energy if we desire it. Very pure feminine, gentle and caring energies. The way they reflect light is unique because they are usually matte instead of clear. These crystals usually also have horizontal striations which in combination with their matte finish makes them so attractive.

It seems that people who care about the environment are attracted to these crystals.

A crystal of divine love reminding us of the one Source which we all originate from.

Very special crystals!

Connects with all the chakras but specially with the heart

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