Labradorite from Madagascar

Labradorite is a very beautiful stone which is easily recognisable by its play of colours. Labradorite has a special type of iridescence due to its structure called labradorescence and is how it gets its reflective colours.

Labradorite is highly sought after because of its beauty and most comes from Madagascar. It’s a wonderful stone for scrying, as looking into this stone can help us look past the veil into the astral realms. Labradorite is a stone that can help with spirit communication and the ability to access past life memories. It’s a good stone to use when doing past life regressions or accessing past life memories in meditation.

Some say it can fill the aura with light and is therefore protective.

Labradorite is also a stone which helps to intensify “coincidences” or synchronistic events.

Excellent for the third eye chakra

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